Why UKSOL is different


Why was UKSOL founded?


UKSOL Ltd was created as a specialist British solar panel producer to help solar installers, agents and distributors around the world to have their own British brand of solar panel, with a British warranty, at prices which allows them to be competitive in the market when trying to win sales against large global corporates. We do this by offering local exclusivity as a protection to their business.


UKSOL Ltd is a British based solar PV panel producer which is now part of the Amerisolar group. The company’s ethos is to produce high quality solar PV panels at affordable prices backed by a strong British warranty. As well as Europe, our sales focus is on the emerging markets of Asia, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.


Solar panels must work efficiently for many years, often in difficult climatic conditions. At UKSOL we believe that customers should be supported through the 30 year lifespan of the panel. We want our customers to benefit fully from their solar panel installation and to ensure that they maximize on their return on investment.


The company is focused on producing high quality mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar modules for distribution to global markets. UKSOL panels include the latest solar technology and innovation in module production which ensures our panels are competitively priced. UKSOL panels but are highly efficient and built to withstand the extremes of our varied global climate.


Please come and join UKSOL if you wish to be one of our locally exclusive solar installers, sales agents, wholesaler or distributor. You will find us refreshingly different because we care the same for all our customers whether they are large or small.


UKSOL is a British company with a British warranty. Contact us today about becoming our local partner.

Why partner with UKSOL?

  • Prices that track the global market panel rates.
  • We deliver anywhere in the world.
  • Strong UK brand at competitive prices.
  • We can offer you local exclusivity. Exclusivity can give you a competitive edge against the competition
  • Longest warranties on the market.
  • Strong one to one account management.
  • We can be confident of offering long term support.
  • We want to build business together – we are interested in
  • Working in proper partnership to grow your business
  • In a volatile PV market, we offers stability and reduced risk.



Give us a call on +44 (0) 1183287090 or use our contact form if you would like to join us as a reseller, distributor or agent.

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Terms & Conditions of Sale
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