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Important Ordering Information from UKSO[...]
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Below is a list of questions commonly asked by our customers:


  1.  Do you offer credit?

No. Payment must be made in full before our products are dispatched from our factory. 

This policy helps us to keep our prices low because of reduced risk.

100% of our customers pay this way, no matter which country.


  1. How do I pay?

UKSOL will issue an invoice with payment instructions details therein.

Payment is via bank telegraphic transfer to the UKSOL bank account in the UK.

We manufacturer to order so that you get the latest low prices.

Normally we ask for a 20% deposit on order and then the balance is payable when the goods are ready for dispatch.


  1. Do you offer LC?

LC can be complicated, risky and expensive. We feel that LC is used by the banks to make money. We can only offer LC for large orders (40ft container and MW orders).


  1. Is delivery included in your prices?

Outside Europe, our prices include delivery by sea ship to your nearest sea port (CIF)

Please ask for prices by air freight (can be expansive).

Within Europe we can offer a door-to-door delivery service which is quoted for separately.


  1. Do you clear customs for me if I am based outside Europe?

No. You need to arrange customs clearance yourself.


  1. Can you quote FOB prices?

Yes. Please ask.


  1. Can you supply different sizes solar panels in one container?



  1. How many solar modules are in a pallet?

26 x 260w solar modules (60 cells)

21 x 320w modules (72 cells)


  1. How many solar modules fit into a 20ft container?

312 x 260w solar modules (60 cells)

210 x 320w modules (72 cells)


  1. How many solar modules fit into a 40ft container?

728 x 260w solar modules (60 cells)

462 x 320w modules (72 cells)


  1. Can you supply black solar modules?



  1. Do you supply both mono and poly solar modules?



  1. What is smallest output solar module you offer?

260w (60 cells) and 310w (72 cells)


  1. What is highest output solar module you offer?

275w (60 cells) and 340w (72 cells)


  1. Is your company registered in the UK?



  1. Do you sell inverters?

Yes, we offer a full range of inverters. However, the minimum order quantity is five units.


  1. Do you sell mounting systems?

Yes, but the minimum order quantity is 100kw.


  1. How does local exclusivity help me?
    1. It gives you a unique British brand to sell in your local market.
    2. Your competition cannot sell UKSOL modules in your local area.
    3. You can market UKSOL solar modules knowing the orders will come back to you only.
    4. It provides you with protection from end-users trying to buy direct from the factory.                      
  2. ​Do you offer cheap "B" or "C" Grade solar cells?

          No! Only "A" Grade cells are used in our solar modules.



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