Energy for your house, tailor made.

If you’re looking for a single phase or triple phase device, DC or AC sided, with or without an integrated inverter, ATON Storage has the solution for you. Easy to install All-in-One products with state of the art performance, kept 24/7 under our ATON Care monitoring program and coming with a 7-year warranty on every part, all wrapped in an elegant and functional bespoke Made in Italy bodywork.

Our strength in optimisation.

Being every house unique and different from one another it seemed obvious for us to provide tailor made solutions: modular battery packs, scalable power inverters, software customisation to better suit the different needs that define thousands of customers that already chose ATON Storage as their home’s Energy Manager. That’s the way we achieve maximum performance: considering every customer as a one-off worthy of special care.


We manage every detail, for you.

Who chose one of our products won’t be abandoned after the purchase. The ATON Care program follows our customers for 7 years (extendible) providing warranties on every single part and putting utmost care in customer service and device optimisation. We’re doing it to be sure the transition to a sustainable energy era can be easy and trouble-free, because we trust in a future where man and nature can coexist in harmony.


How do the ATON energy storage systems work?

 Morning: panels from the photovoltaic system provide energy to the house and release the unneeded in the batteries.

 Afternoon: If the batteries are full, the energy is distributed between the house or the power grid.

 Night: when the Sun sets the energy stored in the batteries during the day is released to power the house, right when it’s needed the most.


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