Mounting & Racking Systems

UKSOL is a solar PV panel producer. We make solar modules and ship them all over the world.


We do not make mounting systems but our customers ask us to supply high quality mounting systems for their projects. We therefore recommend Clenergy Mounting Systems. UKSOL is an authorised partner for Clenergy.


We are happy to supply “best of breed” mounting and racking from a range of industry leading suppliers according to your requirement and budget.


Please note we only quote/ship mounting and racking components for projects over 100kw in size.


We supply:

  1. Domestic installation racking (please note minimum order requirements)

  2. Commercial installation racking

  3. Flat roof mounting systems

  4. Ground mount and roof mounting systems

  5. Utility scale panel mounting systems


Please call us today for prices and availability or email:

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