Apply to become a distributor partner for UKSOL's high quality British Solar panels.

Benefits of being an exclusive local solar installer or distributor include:

  • Be the exclusive UKSOL reseller for your area. No one else can sell UKSOL solar panels including your competitors.

  • Your end-user customers will love our high quality British brand.

  • Special discounted prices.

  • Secure exclusive local distribution rights with your first order.

  • This means you can promote our brands knowing that customers can only buy from you.

  • The big Chinese brands don't often offer local exclusivity. They just want to sell to everyone including your competitors.

  • Be secure in the knowledge that UKSOL panels are backed by a British 30 year warranty.

  • Receive free sales leads for your area.

  • You will be sent marketing materials and presentations. You will be sent product updates and new innovations.

  • Free sales training can be provided to help you grow sales.

In today's global solar market there are many brands of solar panel available, but UKSOL is unique as we are looking for one exclusive local distributor, solar installer and reseller in each country who can stock UKSOL solar PV panels. UKSOL is particularly focused on exporting its high-quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels to emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa UKSOL prides itself by working closely with small to medium-sized local installers and distributors who often feel neglected by the major multinational solar panel brands. Global customer support is provided from the UK.

UKSOL Distributor Application Form

We are currently looking for local distributors, solar installers and resellers worldwide.

Please note that a stock purchase of a 20ft container of panels (260- 360 solar panels) will be required to secure the rights to become an exclusive local distributor. You will also need to bring the container in from your nearest international sea port.

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