UKSOL gains RETIE Certificate of Product Conformity in Colombia


UKSOL is pleased to announce that it is has obtained the RETIE certificate of product conformity in Colombia (CIDET number 07092) for its British brand of solar PV modules.

The certification process was organised by UKSOL’s exclusive distributor, EQUIPOS & MEDICIONES TÉCNICAS SAS, based in Bogota, Colombia.

Mr Leonardo Iguaran, the CEO of EQUIPOS & MEDICIONES TÉCNICAS SAS, now holds stocks of UKSOL solar PV modules in Bogota. Now that the RETIE Certificate has been issued the company can distribute across Colombia.

Andrew Moore, the founder of UKSOL, visited Bogota recently and was delighted to have signed a long-term exclusive distribution agreement with Leonardo and his company. Andrew commented that UKSOL is looking forward to a successful partnership with Equipos.

UKSOL envisages significant growth in the deployment of solar PV systems in Colombia in the coming years.