Opibus Kenya Generates Strong Growth in UKSOL Panel Sales

Sales of UKSOL solar PV modules continue to grow rapidly in Kenya through UKSOL’s exclusive partners there; Opibus.

Opibus (www.opibus.se) originate from Sweden but have a fully Kenyan subsidiary operating in Nairobi. They are driven by the overwhelming result of climate change, and want to ensure that developing countries are catching up.

Four of the founders of Opibus are EMM students, and the other two are from Stockholm University and Lund University. The young team all share an interest in environmental issues, and several of them have experience from East Africa, having either travelled, worked or grown up there.

“We’re not trying to ‘save the world’. People’s view of many parts of Africa is deep-rooted; we don’t want to uphold the idea that the locals have to be saved. We’re building up a serious company, and the safari parks are very interested in what we’re doing. The region in general has a huge growth potential that rarely gets any attention”, says Filip Lövström.