Global Reach & Visionary Ambition

UKSOL is the British solar energy specialist with global reach and visionary ambition, delivering high quality, affordable solar panel technology supported by a secure 30 year warranty. We recognise the importance of bringing the sincerity, adaptability and commitment often associated with British business practices to solar panel projects around the world. At UKSOL we envision our future at the heart of global developing markets, leading Britain and the world in delivering safe, low cost solar energy and laying the foundations for economic freedom and prosperity in the 21st century.

 Low risk British procurement for high quality solar panels
 UKSOL provides British technical support and customer support to partners and clients globally
 UKSOL solar panels always include high quality grade A cells as standard
 UKSOL solar panels are designed, manufactured, delivered and installed to british high quality standards

UKSOL Solar News

Approved Dealer for Kaco Inverters

 UKSOL is an approved dealer for Kaco blueplanet inverters.